Dancing through 34 Boar Lane

Dancers Betty Ward and Max Cookward at 34 Boar Lane

Dancers Betty Ward and Max Cookward at 34 Boar Lane


IN PARTNERSHIP with local dancers, artists and FILMMAKERS, visually presentING OUR most recent PROJECT, 34 Boar Lane in Leeds City Centre. 

 In collaboration with local groups in Leeds, dancers have been filmed structurally and elegantly moving through the stripped-out, pre-refurbished space at 34 Boar Lane. We wanted to present these talented dancers, who bring so much vibrancy and life to the city, in a different context to the usual formal setting of a theatre.

We partnered with Baile Bayei, the producer and director of the project, and also the creator behind Sable Radio, an independent radio station broadcast from Leeds. Baile’s network of artists were brought together to form an incredibly talented line up for the full production team. The ballet dancers, Betty Ward and Max Cookward, perfectly choreographed the fluid dance movements exclusively for the film. We are honoured to have two such talented dancers work on this project with us. Max Cookward was recently finalist in BBC Young Dancer of the Year, he also attends the renowned Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. Music students Sondliwe Pamisa and Kamal Gamir-Shahin from Leeds University composed music for the film, and Hannah Marsh, a Fine Art student assisted Kwame Dapaa and Danny West with the photography. Tatyana Jinto Rutherson assisted on the production of the film.

We are committed to partnering with the broader community, partnering with local suppliers, arts and cultural groups and other interested parties to invigorate cities. Last year, we collaborated with East Street Arts and hosted their programme of events, exhibitions and workshops at 34 Boar Lane throughout Leeds International Festival and Leeds Indie Food Festival. The collaboration saw over 6,000 people pass through the doors of 34 Boar Lane for the highly regarded Light Night Leeds, where five special neon artworks were on display for the festival. 

We are passionate about transforming buildings into creative spaces and we can’t wait to fill the building with entrepreneurs, start-ups and larger companies, providing collaborative space in the heart of the city centre.

Watch the full film of the dancers moving through 34 Boar Lane here:

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