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Introducing 34 Boar Lane


34 Boar Lane is a contemporary workspace in Leeds city centre featuring 46,000 sq ft of creative office space and a further 10,000 sq ft of retail, restaurant and café.

Behind its original façade, this historic building has been reinvented as a bright and cheerful, environmentally-friendly workplace. 34 Boar Lane is a vibrant, modern space designed to encourage local businesses and organisations to work and grow alongside one another.




A thoughtful renovation process has transformed 34 Boar Lane’s interior spaces to great effect, introducing sustainable design and technology features to create characterful, contemporary workspaces.


The renovation project has accentuated a number of the building’s original features, with concrete ceilings exposed throughout. On the upper floors, ceilings have been raised, and the addition of gardens and terraces has added to the over all sense of natural light and spaciousness.


As part of 34 Boar Lane’s extensive refit, energy efficient technology has been installed throughout the building, allowing it to run on 100% green energy. The outdoor rooftop terraces have also been designed with the environment in mind, with activities like planting and beekeeping both planned and encouraged.

Other green innovations include the use of sustainably-sourced British sheep’s wool to insulate the building, and the introduction of storage and showering facilities for cyclists.


Fast, reliable connectivity for everyone working at 34 Boar Lane has also been made a key priority. An integral part of the redesign has been the introduction of state-of-the-art technology, including high-speed wireless connectivity.

New lighting, air conditioning, and smart entry systems were also included as part of the over all refurbishment.




With a café and restaurant, the communal areas within 34 Boar Lane provide plenty of comfortable areas for people to catch up and co-work both with colleagues and the wider community.


To encourage and support good working and social relationships, 34 Boar Lane’s building host organises a range of regular social activities and workshops, including mentoring events and tenant drinks.




Working closely with a range of local groups and businesses is an important part of 34 Boar Lane's ethos.

34 Boar Lane is committed to working with the broader community, partnering with local suppliers, arts and cultural groups and other interested parties to invigorate the neighbourhood.


At 34 Boar Lane, East Street Arts managed a ground floor project including Leeds International Festival and the Indie Food Festival. A partnership was also established with environmentally conscious architects Studio Bark who have designed 34 Boar Lane’s ground floor pods.